Gene Rossi

When I ran for Lieutenant Governor last year, I told Virginians I would be their voice, and no one else’s. Yasmine follows in that proud tradition. I’ve lived in Northern Virginia for nearly 30 years and enjoyed an amazing career as a federal prosecutor. I know tough, thoughtful leaders when I see them. Yasmine is one of them, and that’s why she’s the right choice for Northern Virginia and I look forward to seeing her fight for a progressive agenda in the State Senate.

Virginia Robinson

I am proud to endorse Yasmine Taeb for Virginia State Senate. She has impressed me with her years of engagement in our community on the issues that matter most to me: women’s health, common sense gun control, protection of the environment, regulation of the abusive payday lending industry, and more. I welcome her exciting, informed, and fresh perspective in the Virginia State Senate and look forward to voting for her.

David Jonas

I cannot tell you how proud I am of Yasmine for having the courage to stand up and fight for my family and me. I grew up here, met my wife here, and will be raising my kids here. This is the most important place in the world to me. And I am so excited at the thought of having a state Senator who I can actually trust to do the right thing for our schools, our environment, and our community. Yasmine is the real deal, and I can’t wait for everyone in the district to find that out for themselves.

Endorsed by:

National and Virginia Progressive and Community Leaders

Leah Greenberg, Co-founder, Indivisible Guide
Ilya Sheyman, Executive Director, Political Action
Bob Bland, Co-founder of the Women’s March
Adam Green, Co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
David Segal, Co-founder and Executive Director, Demand Progress
Jamal Abdi, National Iranian American Council President
Larry Cohen, President, Communications Workers of America (2005-2015) 
Michael Kapp
, DNC Youth Council Chair
Farooq Mitha, Founder, Emgage; Fmr. National Muslim Outreach Director, Hillary Clinton
Daniel Schuman, Demand Progress Policy Director
Jorge Quintana, DNC Hispanic Caucus Vice Chair
Chris Reeves, Daily Kos National Community Organizer
Abed Ayoub, Director of Legal and Policy Affairs, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee


Mo Seifeldein, Alexandria City Councilman 
Koran T. Saines
, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Member (Sterling)
Gene Rossi, Fmr. Democratic candidate, Virginia Lt. Governor; Fmr. Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia
Jennifer Lewis, Democratic nominee, 6th Congressional District
Julie Emery, Executive Director, Virginia Civic Engagement Table
Stephen Spitz, Progressive Democrats of America Virginia State Coordinator; Fairfax County Democratic Committee member (Mason District)
Kathie Hoekstra, Alexandria Democratic Committee Precinct Captain
Pete Davis, Falls Church Young Democrats; Cofounder, The Democratic Alternative
Morris Meyer, Co-founder, Virginia Clean Energy
Ricardo Coleman, Co-Chair, DMV Grassroots Coordinating Committee; Fairfax County Democratic Committee member
Matt Harris, Alexandria Democratic Committee (ADC) Associate member; Fmr. ADC Vice Chair
Mohamed Gula, Emgage, Virginia Executive Director
Glen Besa, Environmental activist
Jeff Person, Falls Church Young Democrats
Sean Barnett, Fairfax County Democratic Committee member, Annandale
David Jonas, Fairfax County Democratic Committee member (Mason District); Fmr. Policy Director, Tom Perriello for Governor
Todd Smyth, Democratic activist; Fairfax County Democratic Committee member
Diana Artemis, Fairfax County Democratic Committee member (Providence District) and longtime resident of Senate District 35; Sierra Club member
Jim McBride, Democratic activist, Fairfax County
Virginia Robinson, Fairfax County Democratic Committee member (Mason District)
Ayman Eldarwish, Fairfax County Democratic Committee member (Mason District)
Abby Fox, Fairfax County Democratic Committee member, Springfield
Hoda Hawa, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Director of Policy & Advocacy; Fairfax County
John Boyer, Braddock District Democratic Committee
Bill Rice, Falls Church Young Democrats
Kellen Squire, Fmr. Democratic nominee for 58th House District
Shelley Tamres, Vice Chair, Loudoun Democrats
Brent Finnegan, Fmr. Democratic nominee for 26th House District
Tim Buchholz, Fmr. Chair, Loudoun County Democratic Committee
Harry Wiggins, Fmr Chair, Prince William County Democrats
Kristin Cabral, Fmr. 10th Congressional District candidate; Fairfax County Democratic Committee member
Chris Tandy, Environmental activist & Issues Chair of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee
Peter Rousselot, Fmr. Chair, Arlington County Democratic Committee
Randy Ihara, Fmr. Vice Chair, Loudoun County Democratic Committee; Co-Chair, Loudoun Progressives
Jason Rylander, Member of the 8th Congressional Democratic Committee; Communications Director, Arlington County Democratic Committee
Kim Phillip, Democratic Party of Virginia, 8th Congressional District Central Committee Member
Josh Stanfield, Executive Director, Activate Virginia
Nancy Frowert, Democratic Party of Virginia 7th Congressional District Central Committee Member; Outreach Chair, 7th Congressional District Democratic Committee
Lucas Anderton, Founder, March for Our Lives Hampton Roads; Hampton Roads Democrats member
Monica Thomas, Democratic Party of Virginia 6th Congressional District Central Committee Member
Kimberly Anne Tucker, Fmr. Democratic nominee for 81st House District; Founder, Indivisible 757
George Colombo, Democratic activist

* Titles and organizational affiliations included for identification purposes only.