My stance on healthcare is simple: every Virginian has a fundamental right to quality healthcare. Period.

The best way to achieve this would be a single-payer, Medicare-For-All system at the federal level. Applying it to every state would produce the kind of savings necessary to reduce healthcare costs while expanding coverage to every American.

I will never stop fighting to make this a reality. But until it does, there are so many simple steps we can take in Virginia to get us closer to healthcare as a right, not a privilege.

Thankfully, we took that big first step in 2018. After a groundswell of Democratic support in the 2017 elections, we got Medicaid expanded to over 400,000 Virginians starting in 2019.

As your state Senator, I will protect what we’ve won and go even further. That’s why I will:

  • Support Medicare-For-All at the federal level.
  • Work towards universal coverage in Virginia, with one option being to allow anyone to enroll in the same healthcare plan that lawmakers and state employees have access to.
  • Strip out the expensive, counterproductive “work requirements” in Medicaid and use that money to fund increased coverage.
  • Fully fund our mental healthcare system by increasing our disastrously low cigarette taxes (2nd to lowest in the nation), which will also discourage usage and smuggling.